wedding belles

7 Aug

it HAS been a week…sorry about my previous rant (I did go to another doctor with little to no avail to help with my situation…so, I’m left pretending nothing is wrong…and we will see how long that works).

Business has been slow on the retail end of my business this week; however, fortunately I was slammed on the wholesale side of business.  (I make these great pom pom kits and children tutus).  In fact, I had so many orders that I took over a portion of the retail floor to prepare and package.  To which, one customer remarked as I was literally up to my eyeballs in tissue pom poms, wow, you need a real job! While trying to not stab her with a pair of scissors, I said through clinched teeth, this is my job. Later that night, C and I had a lengthy discussion about it; that no one makes ANYTHING in this country (U.S.A.) and that no one can recognizes when its happening or thinks that something is wrong with making handmade items!

There was more drama this week, if you can believe…I’ll save it and leave you with a beautiful escape we managed last night.  Friends of ours married under the stars and let us share in the magic.  The bride was beautiful, the groom handsome, and now a little boy and 5 loving pets are now a family.  We wish them the best!

The happy couple

The groom’s cake featuring all of their pets…so cute!


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