ces petits riens

20 Jul

loving this song, Ces Petits Riens right now from Stacey Kent…it means the “those little things”

It is making for a lovely respite from the craziness that has become my life and reminds me to treasure all those little things around me!  Also, I’ve decided to learn to crochet…I am teaching myself…it is not going well.   I am reading a non-fiction book my mother passed to me, The House Always Wins: America’s Most Trusted Home Columnist’s Guide to Creating Your (Almost) Perfect Dream House.  It is humorous in parts and informative in others…but there is a part of me that just wants to slug the author, who writes from specifying and decorating her dream home, and say “stop your whining…at least you have the money to do this and a roof over your head!”  Do you ever feel like some people obsess about their homes in the way we did about our lives as high schoolers…as THESE are the MOST important decisions WE will make for the REST of our L-I-V-E-S!!! Yeah…I love my home and I love making it my home but I’ve never lost sleep over any decorating dilemma or had a salesperson take a Valium as I vacillated over three shades of the same green tile.  Go with your instincts and what makes you happy!

***Update 7/26/10 – I officially hate this book; I just got to the chapter that she uses a hot glue gun to make drapery.  I’m no sewing machine whiz but there is a little thing called fusible web (I think stitch witchery is a brand)…you just iron it in place and you are done…I can just imagine on a hot summer day her drapes falling apart…what an imbecile.


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